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i’m always pissed

im always mad because my friends and i never get along also i’ve been concerned about prom since february and it’s may lol what. prom is in 2 days though so as long as i can get through today and friday with no problems i will be alright. also my teachers make me mad with grades and stuff, im almost failing gym, howwwwwwww i literaly participate everyday and stuff like for what reason do i have a 70 in there im annoyed. oh well i will get it together….. hopefully


my bestfriend and i are going through the same annoying thing right now. yanno the whole thing where like you care about someone else way more than they care about you and it is obvious but continuously denied lol YUH it sucks. but being my bff i can be there for her as much as she can for me and that is a good thing for the most part. prom is around the corner and we can not even get the boys to go get their stuff with us im sorry but my dress is not easy to match and sorry for males reading this but i dont trust boys judgment i have heard too many stories about how the girl let the boy just go by himself with a picture of her dress and that is it, and it does not even match. yeah no thank u i get wayyy to agitated for our colors to no coordinate so chalk they are just gonna have to go with us. also we do not really have time for anything anymore it sucks really because we are so busy with friends and watching the baseball team play that like we jeopardize work and school and prioritize them awkwardly. like i honestly put school last because i just do not care about ok rant over byeeee


room decor

my room is a lot prettier than it used to be although i still think its pretty bland. my walls are beige which i dont really like but i have like 50+ pictures of me friends and me on one wall and then these black and white designs things on another wall, i have a mirror, i have a walk in closet that i like its very convenient for all my shoes and clothes i need more hangers and to go shopping thats for sure


im freaking out a little bit about the ACT for sure i think all of the juniors are pretty much which is normal so whatever. the only thing i am concerned about is that i usually dont eat breakfast and my sleeping schedule is horrible, so like idk, i also think that i will have the worst trouble putting real clothes on tomorrow i think ill just wear leggins or something who knows oh well, good luck to everyone

blog post

I think that school is way too much honestly i think that i could easily be at a different school doing what i want t0, versus at kr not really enjoying myself. i want to be at springfield for all of the CSI classes and forensic courses that they offer to their students. now that kr has a forensic class i am going to take it next year and hopefully stay in it and like it a lot.


my mom just had my little brother Sebastian 2 days ago, and he is so cute. some babies are gross alien headass children and I refuse to tell them their hold is cute, sorry. but some babies are so cute and thank god Sebastian’s SO CUTE. my mom is a very strong woman, she had to get induced because he was being stubborn about his weight, he was born weighing 8.12, which isn’t huge but its still pretty big. I love him so much, I can’t wait to watch him grow

my happiness

my happiness depends on everyone else, everyone always says you have to find it within yourself but let’s say you lock yourself in a dark room for 3 years, you can’t  talk to anyone in fact you’re not even allowed to touch the light switch, will you find what makes you happy, will you laugh, will you smile, will you love, will you live, would you do it again? probably not and that’s my point. you will not be happy without your friends, family, and a peaceful connection to the outside world. nobody requires you to be happy, if you’re depressed and just fine with that, you go girl/boy. my happiness is created by vibes people send me, i also learned to put up a “not dealing with any bs” wall though, if you know me you know i dooooooo notttttttt stand for anything. now that may seem like im trying to sound like bad female dog but I find it so much easier to live life when you let people know what you are and are not going to deal with. i don’t think a lot of people see it that way but i guess that is what makes me different, and happy.(;




PRETEND U ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((:

i’m about to discuss anything on my mind (:

i have a lot of friends, i am (uncockily)-i don’t think that’s a word oh well-well known. most people enjoy my presence because im super wild and am funny i do silly things all the time like right now i’m icing my forehead with a bag of Daily’s frozen lime margarita and i have been for like an hour, i have a knot on my forehead because i was attacked by a fun when actually i jumped into it on the highest setting willingly (i’ll never understand myself) i think that i make friends easily with my humor, i attract laughs constantly, i have no censor i say what’s on my mind and if i feel like doing it, even if i know there might be negative consequences then i do it. now that’s not always a bad things, i look at it as making memories, i mean not all memories are funny but all of my memories where i’ve ended up in trouble are hilarious to be honest. i am very impulsive i never think before doing or saying, especially saying oh my god i say the stupidest things and after it comes out im like yeah you’re retarded. my forehead hurts v bad. i go to parties and make weird decisions i.e jumping into a fan, chasing a dog, fighting a dog, unnatural things lol. i have horrible grades kind of not really they’re bearable but could be better. my bff texted me today about a wright state open house???? girl. i don’t even know if im graduating from kr w these parcc and air tests, and my act score is about to be low af for no reason. i used to be so smart and then i stopped caring and then i became dumb i swear. my nails need redone they look like trash and more importantly i’ve taken 3 naps today?? 3???? that’s ridiculous i’m not getting any sleep tonight haha great maybe i’ll start the office because everyone keeps telling me to, i need to get back into shameless i go to season 2 and stopped caring but its such a great show i 11/10 recommend as well as vampire diaries omg okay sorry this was so long see ya


everyone is stressing out about prom. dude i kind of am too like i know it’s May 6th but still who wants to be figuring everything out last minute, not me that’s for sure. I already know what dress im getting but like shoes, hair, makeup, nails I HAVE NO IDEA. i have an idea of who i could go with but lord knows ill probably not go at all or go by myself.

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